About us

We have evolved as the leader in Chhattisgarh state in warehousing and logistics.

As the geography of Chhattisgarh is surrounded by SIX states (viz. Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh), providing an immense scope for our services, in these adjacent states, where connectivity is approachable & feasible. We possess Clean & Temperature controlled warehouses, equipped with advanced (Safety & Security) equipment for complete vigilance & environment which is Hygienic for storage of goods & Medicines. We are one of the largest conglomerate in CFA & LOGISTICS business in Central & Eastern India. We maintain Quantity with Quality, in delivering our services for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Vision, Mission & Values


To be the first choice of clients by delivering ultimate logistic experience, through passionate working, strong infrastructure and innovatiove automations.


To forge into long term alliances built on pillars of Trust, Transparency and Tranquillity. We shall bring optimum value addition to our partners in business by remaining focussed on continual improvement through leadership, innovation and technology.


Trust with Transparency & Tranquillity

Trustworthy solutions for our principals with transparent processes ensuring mutual respect in safe enviroment with great team work among our people.

Leadership, Innovation, Technology

  • Be Foccused.
  • On creating leaders within organisation.
  • On deploying efficiency increasing technologies.
  • On continuous improvement through innovative processes.

Compassionate, Respectful, Socially Responsible

We will cherish the contribution of our people with great mutual respect and continue to serve humanity in all possible ways.

Employee Centric

We will continue to work on personal and professional growth alongwith overall upliftment of our employees on all fronts.

Ethical Practices & Statutory Compliant

We will continue to grow deploying only ethical means ensuring 100% statutory compliant processes.

Our Strategy 2020

Create Leaders, Get Connected, Grow

Our vision, mission and goals for the future are laid out in our "Strategy 2020" It’s a simple strategy without being simplistic. Built on the three pillars we have laid out a clear plan for the coming years with ambitious yet achievable goals.

Create Leaders

We will build strong leadership within our organisation to drive the growth path and achieve the set goals.

Get Connected

We will reach out to all possible clients and make sure that we make them understand the value addition we will be bringing to their operations.


We will remain growth focussed on commercial, Personal, Human Resource - fronts.