Why Choose us
Wide warehouse space, for variety of goods
Organized Stocking , for such goods
Adherence of Company Norms
Freshness of cold-storage items, with regular temperature control
House keeping, for best hygienic environment
Best defined route Plan, for timely delivery
Regular Pest Control practice & Safety/Quality Audits
Dedicated & Experienced workforce
Our Features


Over 8,50,000 Square foot of Warehousing space, expanding up to 40,00,000 sq.foot space in future. We offer secure storing and warehousing facilities at strategic locations near CFS facilities and at inland depots.

Kitting & Packing

We exercise kitting (as & when needed) in which individually separate, but related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit before delivering them to the particular place for installation thus assembling a complete “kit” of parts required for the installation..

Value Added Services

The best of cargo movement facilities and several value-added services enable us one of the preferred distribution solution provider in Chhattisgarh today and is expanding across India.

SKU & Cold Storage

Storage Chambers can be kept at different temperatures. Ranging from 18 degree to 25 degree (suitable for all type of products). Temperature tracking device is installed in every cold storage which help analyses of standard storage temperature.

Best Practices


  • Warehouses, with High Ceiling ; with vertical stacking (Cost saving)
  • Humidity & Temperature controlled warehouses
  • Dedicated voice & data leased lines
  • Customized ERP/SAP covering all operations
  • Delivery tracking systems with complete power backup
  • Warehouses operated by over 400 skilled employees
  • Over 200 well maintained delivery vehicles carrying over 400 tons of goods everyday
  • Latest Safety devices installed in warehouse
  • 24x7 Complete Power Backup
  • 24x7 Security with CCTV monitoring

Safety & Security

The campus complies with all the safety requirements as required by state regulatory body. The safety and security features implemented on campus are:

  • Extinguishers at all work area.
  • Fire alarm systems at all sensitive points and areas prone to the fire hazards.
  • Fire hydrant system has been installed around the warehouse.
  • CCTV installed in warehouses as well as in all 4 campus for surveillance.
  • CCTV provides the live display of activities of the campus in terms of traffic flow and movement of people.
  • Checks the inflow & outflow of people and trucks curtailing unauthorized movements.
  • Security Guards 24 X 7 available

Cash Management

The ability to manage logistics requires flexibility, agility and accuracy to support on-the-ground carrier optimization, Cash delivery in a timely manner and with restricted resources becomes very complex quickly, regardless of whether in-house or outsourced to a Cash-In-Transit provider. Our Cash management system features:

  • Sale-Order status for all cash sources
  • Commercial customer ordering & cash deposit Pre-notification
  • Invoice generation & POD Collection & updates
  • Lower Operational costs
  • Improved vendor management
  • Increased Staff Productivity

Tax & Compliance Management

We practice an integrated, global approach for the variety of local compliance services.

  • Software based Accounting (ERP)
  • Regular Book Keeping & Updates
  • Statutory Compliant (GST, TDS, PF, ESIC, & Required Licenses)
  • Experienced Staff to Manage : Taxation, Billing, Audits, etc.
  • Monthly Reporting & Follow-ups
  • Flexible to adopt & practice statutory changes
  • On time Transactions & Reporting